Where Are Infiniti Cars Built?

July 18, 2014

Infiniti is a division of the Japanese car manufacturing company, Nissan Motor Co., that handles the production of Nissan's luxury cars. While the Nissan headquarters is in Japan, the name Infiniti is not used there, and from its beginning in the late 1980's it has mainly sold and manufactured cars in the United States. Although all the different Infiniti models are made here in the US, there are also some Infiniti factories in Canada, Europe, Britain and the Middle East that produce specific models. The following will provide information on which Infiniti models are sold in which other areas around the world.


Europe is home to a high concentration of developed countries, which have high populations of wealthy people. This means that there is a large market for luxury vehicles in Europe. Infiniti has taken advantage of this wide market by establishing multiple factories around the continent. There are several different Infiniti models that are manufactured in factories around Europe, including the G37 Coupe, the G37 Cabrio, the G37, the EX37 and the FX.

Middle East

Since the Middle East also has a high population of wealthy people, there is another good market for luxury cars there, and Infiniti has multiple manufacturing plants there as well. The Infiniti models that are currently being manufactured in the Middle East include the Infiniti G Coupe, the Infiniti G Sedan, The Infiniti M, the Infiniti EX, the Infiniti FX and the Infiniti QX. If you live in the Middle East, the best deals for Infiniti vehicles will be these models.

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