Where Are Jeep Cars Built?

July 18, 2014

A vehicle owned by Chrysler Group, LLC, the Jeep Wrangler is produced at Toledo Supplier Park in Toledo, Ohio.

Initially the Jeep was designed and built for the Army in Butler, Pennsylvania. Wide scale use of the Jeep began during World War II, as the vehicle was a durable, versatile utility vehicle, less cumbersome than standard military cars. The cost of a Jeep during WWII was $648.74.

Although manufactured in the United States, the Jeep is a collaborative effort of companies from several different countries. The chassis shop is managed by a Korean company, the body shop is run by a German form, and a Canadian-Austrian business oversees the paint. Ultimately, however, Jeep is an American car owned by Chrysler.

There are several different Jeep models, including the family oriented Cherokee and the Liberty; however, the classic Jeep car is the Wrangler or CJ. Recently released in a 4 door model with a longer body, the two-door is a rugged car, very popular with off-road enthusiasts. Numerous options and modifications are possible, including hard and soft tops and lift kits with oversized tires. With an appropriately equipped Jeep Wrangler or CJ "rock crawling" is a popular sport as well as a highly competitive activity.

From its initial development to current model, the Jeep is a car unlike any other. The Jeep continues to be produced in the United States, in Toledo, Ohio.

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