Where Are Lexus Cars Built?

July 18, 2014

Lexus cars are symbols of excellence and quality. They bear a name that has risen above many names in the car manufacturing industry. But where does this quality product come from? Where are Lexus cars built?

The first Lexus factory was in Japan, with production beginning in 1989. There are currently four Lexus manufacturing facilities in Japan, located in Tahara, Kyushu, Araco and Motomachi. These locations are responsible for producing Lexus models LS, LS Hybrid, GS, GS Hybrid, ES, IS, IS F, LFA, LX, GX, RX, RX Hybrid and HS Hybrid.

In 2003 Lexus opened its first North American manufacturing plant in Cambridge, Ontario. It is the pride and joy of Lexus, producing the famous RX Sport Utility Vehicle. The very first RX SUV ever manufactured at this Lexus factory sits proudly on display in the Cambridge showroom. Surrounded by polished wood and sparkling glass, this gem of a vehicle stands in a place of prominence, serving as an ever-present reminder to Lexus employees that quality is everything.

Yes, Lexus vehicles come from the geographic locations of Japan and Canada. But over the years, Lexus has built more than vehicles. It has built a name that comes from the solid ground of precision, excellence, quality and performance.

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