Where Are Lotus Cars Built?

March 18, 2013

In the small town of Hethel in the United Kingdom, outside of the city of Wymondham, all of Lotus' three models are built in a modern factory. The factory which produces the Elise, Exige and Evora, as well as purpose-built track cars, is located on a former Royal Air Force base, the former runway of which has been repurposed as a portion of the test track. Prior to the automaker's bankruptcy, the Formula One cars raced by Team Lotus were also produced in this location.

Although the current owners of Lotus, Malaysian automotive company Proton, took control of the automaker in 1994, Lotus has occupied the modern Hethel factory since 1966. This facility is additionally the headquarters for Group Lotus, which includes an engineering unit. The technological advancements implemented at Hethel have caused it to be considered as one of the best automotive manufacturing facilities in the world.

From their factory in North London established in 1952 to a factory in Cheshunt in 1959, Lotus has continuously moved to increasingly more advanced factories built specifically for their needs. In addition to producing Lotus cars, this factory has grown to produce parts for hybrid drivetrains and European versions of the all-electric Tesla Roadster.

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