Where Are Mazda Cars Built?

July 18, 2014

North American Mazda models are built in a variety of locations both in Japan and America. At the present, Mazda operates three manufacturing facilities in Japan, with two located in Hiroshima, Japan, and another in Hofu, Japan. In addition to their Japanese manufacturing facilities, several North American models are produced in varying quantities at the Auto Alliance international facility located in Flat Rock, Michigan, and the Kansas city assembly plant in Claycomo, Missouri.

The Hofu, Japan facility located in Hofu, Yamaguchi, Japan is responsible for production of the Mazda 3 model as well as the previously available Mazdaspeed 6. Engine and transmission production for these models is handled by the Hiroshima plants, located in the Aki and Miyoshi wards of Hiroshima.

The Hiroshima facility, located in the Miyoshi ward of Hiroshima, Japan is responsible for the production of several performance models from the Mazda line. Production from this facility includes the MX-5 roadster, the RX-8, as well as the CX-7 crossover SUV and Mazda 5 Mini-van.

For North America, production is handled by two facilities that are co-owned by Ford, with one located in Flat Rock Michigan, and the other in Claycomo, Missouri. Production in the Claycomo facility consists solely of the Mazda Tribute, while the Auto Alliance International handles production of the Mazda 6 for the North American market.

While the bulk of production for Mazda product lines are still handled by Mazda's Japanese assembly plants, several popular lines such as the Mazda 6 are currently built in Flat Rock Michigan. Production at these American facilities benefits both Ford and Mazda as several Ford product lines take advantage of the superb chassis and platform design used in the Mazda 6.

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Related Questions and Answers

Does Mazda Make an Electric Car?

No, at this time there is not a Mazda electric car. They recently announced they would be producing a hybrid, and maybe an all-electric car, but it would be at least 2013 until this happens. If they do end up making an all-electric car, it would compete directly with the Nissan Leaf, which is a small all-electric vehicle. Mazda is not the only company thinking about getting into the all-electric car market. Toyota and Honda have also announced plans to produce an all-electric vehicle. They may beat Mazda to market, as they hope to have the cars in production in 2012.

What is the Best Selling Mazda Car?

When it comes to sales, the best Mazda car is the Mazda 3. This vehicle comes in a number of different trim levels and models. It is available as a sedan, a coupe and a hatch wagon. The Mazda 3 starts around $15,000, and runs up to $29,000 for a fully loaded sports wagon. These vehicles come with a 170hp four cylinder engine. It is also available with a 3.7 liter V-6 that produces 272hp. The Mazda 3 sedan four door is the most popular model of the series. These vehicles get up to 33 mpg depending on the engine configuration.

Which Mazda Sports Car is the Most Popular?

The most popular Mazda sport car is the RX-8. This is really the only vehicle that qualifies as a true sports car in the Mazda lineup. They also make the Miata, which is a convertible that is considered by some to be a sports car. In addition to these two models, there is also the Mazda 3 sports wagon. The RX-8 has a 232 hp rotary engine in it and starts at around $26,000. It comes in a number of trim levels and is available as a 6 speed manual or automatic. The RX-8 is considered a high quality mid-range sports car.

What is the Average Safety Rating for Mazda SUVs?

The average ratings for Mazda SUVs are pretty high. Mazda only makes one SUV, the Tribute. When it comes to NHTSA rating, the Mazda Tribute gets five stars in most categories. This vehicle also has a number of standard safety features. The Tribute comes with ABS brakes and airbags, as well as an energy management feature, and a tire pressure monitoring system. The Tribute is considered a high quality small to mid-range SUV. It is basically the same car as the Ford Escape, which gets very high ratings in all categories. These vehicles are available in a variety of trim levels and with a four cylinder or V-6 engine.

Do I have to Use a Mazda Car Battery for a Mazda Vehicle?

No, you don't need to use a Mazda car battery in a Mazda car. You can use any battery, as long as it fits the car and is the right size. Replacement batteries are available at a number of different places. The big box retailers like Wal-Mart and Sam's sell batteries. You can often get a good deal on batteries at these stores, but they carry a limited selection. Auto supply stores will carry a much wider selection of batteries, as well as speciality batteries, but they will be more expensive. When replacing a battery, buying the cheapest is not always the best deal.

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