Where Are Mercury Cars Built?

March 18, 2013

Mercury is an automobile marque of the parent organization, Ford Motor Company. It was developed to market entry level luxury cars in order to fill the gap between the Ford-branded economy cars and the Lincoln-branded luxury vehicles. When Ford Motor Company first started out, all its factories were in the United States, but there are currently also Ford manufacturing plants that make Mercury models in Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Middle East. Not every Ford factory produces the same cars, so different Mercury models are sometimes made in different areas. Since it is cheaper to ship new cars overland for shorter distances, the deal that you can get on a Mercury model will be better if you live close to a Ford factory where that model is manufactured.

United States

The United States is the best place to buy a Mercury model because Ford Motor Company is centered here in the US. There are only a few Mercury models that are not manufactured in the United States, including the Mercury Grand Marquis, which is only produced in Mexico, and the Mercury Sable.


While your selection for locally manufactured Mercury cars is slightly smaller in Mexico than it is in the United States, you still have a variety of models to choose from, including the Mercury Zephyr, the Mercury Topaz and the Mercury Sable. Of course, if you live in Mexico and want a Mercury model that is only manufactured in the United States, it is not so far to have it shipped.

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