Where Are MINI Cars Built?

July 18, 2014

The Mini was a small model that was originally developed in 1959 by British Motor Corporation, otherwise known as BMC. This model and its successors enjoyed a high degree of popularity until around 1980. BMC was bought in the early 1990's by BMW as MG Rover, but sold it again in 2000, retaining the rights to build and sell the Mini model. It was not until October of 2000 that BMW stopped producing the Mini, and started developing a relatively unrelated model, the BMW MINI, which just looks similar to the old Mini models and has a similar engine. BMW is a worldwide organization, so it has factories in many places around the world, such as South Africa, the United States, India, China, Canada, Austria and Germany, however, not every model of BMW is manufactured at every BMW factory, and only a one of these places manufactures the BMW MINI.

Cowley, Oxfordshire, UK

The only manufacturing plant that currently makes BMW MINIs is the one in Cowley, Oxfordshire, in the UK, which is good news if you live in Oxfordshire, because shipping costs for BMW MINIs is low for that area and supply of BMW MINIs is high. This means that residents of Oxfordshire will get a better deal on a BMW MINI than people who live further away from the factory in Cowley. All BMW MINIs sold worldwide are shipped from this one factory in the UK. The factory produces up to 800 cars every day, and employs over 4,700 people.

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