Where Are Porsche Cars Built?

March 18, 2013

The Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg Germany is where Porsche cars are built primarily. Porsche was created 1931 by Austrian Ferdinand Porsche.

Inside the Factory

The factory in Zuffenhausen is actually a collection of many buildings connected by roads. The 911 and Boxster car bodies are produced at this location in one building. A conveyor type system above the road is used to move the bodies into the next building to be painted. From there the cars will go to the engine building. After the engine is installed the Porsches then move to the upholstery building where a combination of literally thousands of options are available to the customer if he or she wishes to have the car personalized. Finally the last step before delivery will take place in the next building assembling all the remaining parts of the Porsche.

There is also a customer center, which serves as a delivery base for customers who choose to pick up their new Porsche directly from the factory. Zuffenhausen also has it's own museum with around 80 exhibits featuring historical models and race cars.

Porsche Cars Built Outside Zuffenhausen

While all engines for all models are built at the factory in Zuffenhausen, Porsche also has a new factory in Leipzig, Germany where the Cayenne SUV and the Panamera the first Porsche Sedan are built. The Cayenne even has certain body parts manufactured in Bratislava, Slovakia along side the VW Touareg.

Between the production buildings and the test track at this new location is the Porsche Customer Center. Highly designed in true Porsche style it handles the administration offices, serves as a presentation area and of course handles the delivery of Porsches to customers.

Porsche is known for it's design and that style is prevelant even in their factories.

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