Where Are Smart Cars Built?

March 18, 2013

The make of automobile known as the Smart Car--a tiny transport, already iconic in the automotive world--is owned by the German company, Daimler AG. The production plant where all Smart Cars are currently made is in Hambach, France.

Though international in scope, Daimler AG is primarily German-owned and based. Other car divisions owned by the company include Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, and the Freightliner brand of semi trucks. Daimler AG also purchased former American carmaker, Chrysler--a brand which has since been discontinued.

Technically, the Smart Car brand exists under the umbrella of the Mercedes-Benz division. Hambach, France, where the cars are produced, is in the northeastern part of the country, only a matter of kilometers from the German border. The plant itself, commonly referred to as "Smartville," is highly modern both in its build and in the techniques employed there. The building is cross-shaped, with labor divided differently among its four sections. Workers are organized primarily in small "teams," rather than in a more traditional production line.

Smart Cars are identifiable primarily for their relatively tiny size, which offers both an advantage for nimble parking in close urban areas, and highly efficient gas mileage for a combustion-engine auto. (Although, all-electric versions of Smart Cars are now being released in the European market on a very limited scale.)

Originating from their German parent company, Smart Cars are now being shipped and sold around the world.

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