Where to Find a Car Transport Trailer for Sale

January 27, 2012

A car transport trailer can be a great resource to have if you have a business that involves moving cars, are moving yourself or just have a hobby where moving cars around is a common occurrence, such as racing or traveling to car shows. Not having to rely on others or rental agencies can make logistics much easier and buying a trailer is often actually cheaper in the long run. So, where can you find a car shipping trailer or enclosed car transport for sale? We'll point you in the write direction.

Local Dealers

Like other very large items, trailers are most often purchased at local dealers. You can easily find listings for dealers selling trailers in both the yellow pages and on the Internet. Also, many RV dealerships and agricultural implement dealerships will sell trailers as well. As with anything, be sure to research the dealers you are considering purchasing from to make sure they are legitimate.

Used Trailers

Like automobiles, car transport trailers have a long lifespan, and as such are often sold multiple times throughout there lives. Buying a used car transport trailer is a great way to get a good trailer for a significant discount, compared to the cost of a new one. Like used automobiles, used trailers are relatively easy to find.

Classified Ads

Your local newspaper's classified ads section is a good place to start when looking for a used trailer. However, you'll have to make a trip to wherever the trailer is in order to inspect it and potentially buy it. Though this isn't a major issue in most cases, it is something to consider.


Similar to your local newspaper's classified ads section, Craigslist is basically a large classified ads website. It offers people a place to list things they have for sale or want to buy for free on a public forum. Because of this, there are often many good deals to be had. Because pictures are usually included with the listings, you can decide beforehand whether or not a particular trailer is worth taking a look at, which will save you time in the long run. 

Used Trailer Dealers

In addition to dealers selling new trailers, there are many that sell used trailers as well. Both are often sold on the same lot. Again, use your local yellow pages to find dealers near you. Additionally, you can use the Internet for the same purpose.


Ebay is a very large online auction site, and could be another good source for a used car transport. However, be sure to search locally, as shipping a trailer can be prohibitively expensive. Once you find a trailer you're interested on, bid on it and check back over time to see if you need to raise your bid in order to win the trailer. Once you do win an auction, completing the transaction is much like any other local used goods transaction.

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