Where to Find an Up-to-Date Gas Mileage Chart

January 27, 2012

A gas mileage chart informs drivers about the best and worst fuel efficient cars available in the market. Fuel efficiency is becoming an important factor to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. Not only do fuel efficient vehicles reduce annual expenditure on gas, but they also lower carbon emissions. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has revised its fuel economy estimates by taking into consideration real driving results. The criteria used to determine vehicle fuel economy now includes driving at high speeds, aggressive acceleration, use of air conditioners and driving in extreme weather conditions such as wind and snow. Due to this reason, most EPA stickers reflect reduced gas mileage numbers.

Where to Find an Updated Gas Mileage Chart

If you wish to find an updated gas mileage chart, visit the Gas Mileage Companion website. This website offers additional information on gas mileage tips and the use of gas mileage chips. Alternatively, visit the fueleconomy.gov website to obtain a gas mileage comparison chart. The website will also provide you with a list of 2010 most and least fuel efficient vehicles and an updated truck gas mileage chart. You can filter your search results by selecting vehicle model or make.

Fuel Cost Calculator

If you want to calculate your vehicle MPG, you could research the EPA website or visit Edmunds.com. These tools help you anticipate future expenditure on long trips. Since the cost of fuel is increasing, it’s beneficial to stay informed about market trends and find ways to on save gas consumption.

Several drivers may be eligible for tax incentives if they’ve recently purchased a hybrid vehicle or an electric car. To find out personal eligibility, visit the fueleconomy.gov website and click on New Fuel Economy Ratings. You can then click on the Tax Incentives tab.

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