Where to Find Real Fuel Economy Mileage Estimates from Other Car Owners

January 27, 2012

Oftentimes, the fuel economy mileage estimates of cars given by the government or the automaker are inaccurate. This is because the government usually only reports the mileage given to them by the automakers, and the automakers have reason to report the highest mile per gallon ratio possible, so they do their tests in the best possible conditions for fuel economy. Since these conditions are better than average driving conditions, the mileage reported is higher than the real world mpg you should expect from that car. The best way to find the real mpg of a car is to get estimates from owners of that type of car.

Getting Estimates from Other Car Owners

There are many websites on the Internet that give you access to gas mileage estimates submitted by real world car owners about their cars. Some of these are survey based member websites, such as TrueDelta. TrueDelta is a website that collects information on real world gas mileage estimates through surveys. You have to become a member to use all the services the site has to offer, but you can log in as a guest for limited use. There, you can not only find complete fuel economy estimates for any car model based on where the car is driven, how much the AC is used, driving style, and other parameters, but also information on other aspects of those cars.

EPA Gas Mileage Estimates

Alternatively, you could check out a list of new EPA Gas Mileage Estimates. The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, has also done studies on the gas mileage of different cars, and the results are posted on their site as well.

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