Where to Find Unrestored Muscle Cars for Sale

January 27, 2012

These days, finding unrestored muscle cars for sale can be a difficult task. At times it seems like they’ve all been bought. There are places, however, where you can find them.

Classified Ads

One good source for finding muscle cars for sale is in the classified ads of the local newspaper. Sometimes these will have been restored. In a number of instances, however, these will be unrestored, old vehicles being sold by families. They might well be at knock-down prices, which means there will be a great deal of competition for the items. Checking daily can bring some surprises and the chance to find a good muscle car for sale.

Internet Auctions

Internet auction sites can be a prime resource for unrestored muscle cars for sale. The prices can go quite high, especially for rarer models. That’s good for the owners, but not so good for you. Set yourself an upper limit for a vehicle and stick to it. As people become wise to the value of muscle cars, more of those who own unrestored vehicles are offering them on Internet auction sites.

Estate Sales

One arena for finding unrestored muscle cars for sale is going to estate sales. Many will be advertised, so you’ll know there are vehicles for sale. Only a few will have specialty cars, but these will generally be unrestored. In most instances, these cars can be obtained at very reasonable prices at estate sales. Most of the crowd will be there for other reasons. There might be a better chance of finding a muscle car at rural estate sales.

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