Which 4x4 Off-road Trucks have the Highest Gas Mileage?

March 18, 2013

    Finding the best 4x4 offroad trucks for use is easy. But you do need trucks that are economical with gas and provide the most power per liter of fuel. This is where a little reaserch is necessary. Take a look at these few trucks that have the highest gas mileage, even with four wheel drives. The Ford Escape, Lexus RX, or Toyota Highlander touch the top of the line in fuel economy and prices, but they are well worth the cost and the luxury. The Chevrolet Equinox is another hardy model that offers almost the same mileage and gas consumption of 22 MPG inside the city and 32 outside it. The GMC Terrain is one of the best too, for its strength and great fuel economy. These ratings are provided by the fueleconomy.gov site where you can check any other offroad trucks statistics to find out their best and worst gas mileage rates.

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