Why Do I Get Low Gas Mileage in Winter

January 27, 2012

Many people wonder why they get low gas mileage in the winter. There are many theories out there, but in this case, the simplest reason is the answer. The lower temperatures in the winter are the culprit for taking your gas. The fact of the matter is, that the lower the temperature, the less miles per gallon your car will get. There are a few reasons this happens. Your car needs time to warm up. However, the misconception is that this time is a few minutes. However, often times all you need is a minute (check your manual). Sitting there letting the engine run just wastes gas. This excessive idling adds up over the season and can really lower your gas mileage. Now it is true that your car needs to warm up. One thing you can do is by getting an electric heater that can heat the engine without using any gas. There are also other reasons as well. The cold weather effects both the alternator and the battery performance since it causes longer charge times. Winter tires also are culprits for your gas mileage because they cause much more resistance than regular tires. Winter blend gasoline can also help lower the gas mileage, although it is only percentage points. Overall, the cold temperature is related to all of the problems stated above. If the cold weather didn't happen, neither would these problems. The cold weather causes your low gas mileage because of how it effects many different parts of your car.

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