4 Tips for Negotiating the Best State Farm Settlement after an Auto Accident

June 19, 2013

If you have had a car accident in the recent past, then you will be keen to try and negotiate a State Farm settlement if these are your insurers. State Farm does not have the best reputation in the business, and there have been a few State Farm lawsuits by class action groups. Many people feel that the insurers were reluctant to pay out for insurance claims even if you have been paying insurance for many years. However, if your insurer is State Farms, then you don't have to worry that they are going to dismiss your claims out of hand. As with any other insurers, it will take a bit of pressure, and you will have to be properly prepared before you make your claim.

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  • Be Prepared - You can never be over-prepared when you are making a claim after an automobile accident. After all, if they did not ask you to make an effort, they would not be a profitable business. Read all of the policies that you hae from State Farm in order to work out exactly what you can and can't claim after a car accident.
  • Gather Your Evidence - You will need to have documentation, not only of all the bills you have incurred during this process, but also any pieces of evidence such as witness statements about the accidents, police reports or evidence from the garage about the condition of your car. Include personal bills such as medical receipts, any medications that you need to pay for and other symptoms of the after-effects of the accident.
  • Write a Letter - The best way of stating clearly to the insurers what amount you are claiming from them is to write out your claim in a letter. This letter should include full accounts of the accident, referencing to the documents, which you should enclose copies of, and finishing with a paragraph where you set out your claims as clearly as possible. You should make your claim as unambiguous as possible, to avoid conflicts with your insurers.
  • Phone Your Insurers - About a week after the letter has been sent, follow up with a phone call to check that they have received the letter and it is being dealt with. This will make sure your insurers understand your interest in the matter, and demonstrate to them that you intend to follow it up closely. You should then phone every so often, in order to remind them of your claim, and to check that it is being processed.

Making a Claim with State Farm

As with any other big insurance company, you will always face resistance to your claims from the insurance brokers. To make the best out of your settlement, you must include claims for everything, down to car repairs and mortgage payments. Your insurance can debate these payments with you, but at least they will be aware of them. So long as you are persistant, you should experience no real objections.