5 Tips for Getting Cheaper Car Insurance for Nurses

January 27, 2012

The need for cheaper car insurance can be particularly relevant for those on modest incomes such as key workers. Being aware of some tips that can be used when seeking out car insurance will help nurses to get the best possible deal.

Human Resources

Nurses should obtain some information from the human resources department of the place in which they work. Large organizations will often have relationship with insurance companies or brokers that will allow them to offer cheaper car insurance. If you have not been provided terms and conditions for these types of offers along with your contract, check information available through company literature or via the human resources department. This is the best place to determine whether any deals are available through your workplace if you have not been sent any information directly. You may be required to contact the insurance company through the firm you for or by mentioning a reference number given to you.     

Specialist Insurance Companies

Seek out specialist car insurance firms to determine whether you will be able to save money with them rather than through mainstream companies. Firms that specialize in particular types of policyholder will have a better understanding of the risks involved and how to assess them. This can result in cheaper car insurance as they will view nurses as a lower risk. In addition to firms that specialize in providing car insurance for medical professionals, consider firms that provide insurance in other circumstances such as for your particular age group.   


If you are a member of a union, you may find that this membership brings additional benefits such as cheaper car insurance. Unions can often be powerful organizations which can command reduced rates from insurers due to the potential level of custom they can provide through recommendations. Check any paperwork obtained from the union or make direct contact to determine whether they can offer assistance in locating a good deal. In this case, you are likely to be limited to only a handful of insurance companies if not a single one.


Engage a broker to help you find a cheaper car insurance deal for nurses. They will be in a good position to know the best insurers to look to and the information that needed as they often have a close relationship with insurers. Take advice from the broker in relation to the information that you need to gather to satisfy the insurance company.

Insurance Companies Direct

When contacting mainstream insurance companies directly, you will find that they require details of what you do for a living. When following this route in a bid to find cheap car insurance for a nurse, make a point of confirming that you are a nurse and asking whether they can offer nurse car insurance discount. Be prepared to provide full details in respect of the car and how you use it. Ensure that you mention other relevant factors that can reduce the cost of premiums, such as your driving history and no claims record.