Auto Repair Maintenance Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

June 25, 2013

Auto repair maintenance insurance is available for car owners who want to have added protection once their warranty runs out. As with an extended warranty, there are different levels, or coverage options, that are available to you as a consumer. This type of auto repair insurance can save you a lot of money in repairs if you need to use it. There is some confusion about this type of auto insurance that causes people to pass this protection up. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about auto repair maintenance insurance so you can make a solid decision of whether you need it or not.

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Is My Car Covered Completely?

The most frequently asked question regarding this type of auto insurance is whether or not there is bumper-to-bumper coverage. The answer is directly related to what type of policy you have purchased. Auto maintenance insurance is not going to cover anything that is not included in the policy.

Will I Need to Pay a Deductible?

An insurance policy protects you in the event that a costly repair is needed. When something does arise, just like a regular insurance policy, there are some deductibles included. Again, depending on the level of insurance this can range from no out of pocket expense to $500.

Is Parts Failure Included In Coverage?

When you have auto repair maintenance insurance you are covered whenever a part that is under your policy fails. For example, if you have coverage for your front end components and you need ball joints, tie rods and other parts due to wear and tear, they are covered by the policy.

Can Any Vehicle Be Insured?

The great thing that distances auto repair insurance from a warranty is that age of the vehicle has little impact on the coverage. You might be required to pay a larger deductible, but your ten year old vehicle will still be insurable.

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What Is Not Covered?

With an auto repair insurance policy, the coverage is limited to the actual policy. However, there are other circumstances that will not be covered if your car needs to be repaired. One of these reasons is because of failure to keep your car maintained. If you fail to keep the oil changed, keep the drive train greased and fluids topped off, the insurance company will not cover any repairs because of it. Excessive driving habits will also negate the insurance policy. Any repairs needed because of running the engine at a constantly high RPM, peeling out of driveways or other excessive driving habits will require you to pay for the repairs.

Will Any Body Repair Be Covered?

Body repair is usually needed because of an accident. The auto repair insurance does not cover any damage caused by an accident. This is where you regular collision insurance comes into play.

Is The Extra Cost Worth It?

When you think about how expensive major repairs are for your vehicle, the auto repair maintenance insurance policy is well worth it. Anything from water pump replacement, to a complete engine overhaul can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. With the small cost of the policy you are actually going to be saving money.