Car Impounded? No Insurance? What to Do Next

June 25, 2013

Almost every state in the United States has penalties for driving without automobile insurance, and each state sets its own fines and penalties, with most wondering what to do with a car impounded and no insurance. In most cases, fines are imposed based on what you're being pulled over for, and if you have no insurance coverage and are driving as an uninsured motorist, in many states your car will be impounded. For instance, if you're stopped by an officer for speeding and you happen to be driving while intoxicated without a license and without insurance; you'll be tagged for a DUI, speeding, suspended license and no insurance. It's also a safe bet to assume your car will be impounded and towed away, where you will face towing charges as well as storage fees for the amount of time it takes to repossess your car. In all, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in fines and fees.

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Your car is impounded because you don't have insurance. What next?

Step One

You need to purchase liability coverage before you track down your vehicle, because you know for a fact you cannot drive as an uninsured motorist. You'll have to show proof of insurance, so when you locate your vehicle, call and ask if you can bring a faxed copy, or is the original proof of insurance document necessary.

Step Two

If you have a suspended license because of a DUI or any other violation, make sure you take someone along with a valid driver's license. The tow company can't release the car to you, if your license is suspended and if you don't have liability coverage.

Step Three

Make sure you have enough money on you to pay for the storage fee that the two companies will require from you before they will release the car.

In summary, cars are impounded for many reasons including DUI, no insurance, suspended license and other violations. Depending on the state you live in, fines and penalties vary. But an uninsured motorist without liability insurance in at least 50 states will be punished, and many will have their vehicles impounded. If the automobile is impounded, it will be necessary to meet certain criteria before the car can be returned. The most important criteria is the driver must purchase liability auto insurance and show proof of purchase. If the driver has a suspended license because of a DUI, he or she must bring someone with a valid license to the tow company to retrieve the vehicle. Often times, the vehicle is taken to a police towing impound area, where no one can remove it until all requirements are met.

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Impounded Car Auctions

If the owner of the automobile fails to meet the criteria set forth by a judge, the car will probably be auctioned off.
There are literally thousands of cars that sit in impound areas never claimed. These cars become the property of the government by law and are often times auctioned off at ridiculously low prices. Local police departments are a good source for auctions of cars that have been impounded. For more information, call your local police department and inquire about impounded car auctions.