Car Insurance for Lamborghini: Coverage Options

January 27, 2012

Whether you own a Gallardo or Murcielago, car insurance for your Lamborghini sports car will be expensive and you will find that is harder to find than insurance for a more common vehicle such as a Ford or Honda sedan. However, there are still numerous companies and options for insurance coverage with an exotic Lamborghini sports car.

Insuring a Lamborghini

While there are many car insurance companies that will provide car insurance coverage for a Lamborghini, you might want to consider using specialty insurance companies to cover your Gallardo or Murcielago. When you own a vehicle that costs up to $200,000, having to haggle with a car insurance company on how much your vehicle is worth can be difficult at best.

Companies like Grundy Worldwide, Haggerty Auto Insurance and JC Taylor Insurance specialize in insuring high-end and exotic vehicles. These companies allow you to agree on a value before you ever purchase a policy. This can result in saving you thousands of dollars in the event the vehicle is completely destroyed or stolen.

Ways to Reduce Costs on Lamborghini Car Insurance

Because a Lamborghini is such an expensive vehicle, it always cost a lot of money to insure it. In fact, to insure a Lamborghini Gallardo will usually range between $1000 and $7000 per year. In order to reduce rates, you can choose a policy with a specialty car insurance that limits the number of miles you drive and also takes into consideration special security precautions you take, such as locking your vehicle in an enclosed garage or storage trailer when not in use. The more ways you can show the insurance company that the vehicle is protected, the more money you'll save on insuring your Lamborghini sports car.