Have a Ford Car? Insurance Options to Consider

January 27, 2012

If you own a Ford vehicle, Ford car insurance options abound and coverage is available from all car insurance companies in the United States. Coverage types available for Ford vehicles are the same as with any other type of vehicle manufactured in the United States or imported for sale in the U.S. Ford vehicles are one of the most commonly insured vehicles on the road, and there are no special requirements needed to insure a Ford car or truck. Here is some basic information on a Ford insurance coverage that you should consider.

Types Ford Car Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage available for all types of Ford vehicles ranges from the minimum level of insurance required in every state to comprehensive and collision insurance. All states require that minimal amounts of liability only coverage be maintained to drive the vehicle on state highways and roads. Liability only coverage is available to Ford owners who have paid off their vehicle and have a clear title on their Ford. Liability only coverage will not pay for a Ford owners repair costs or medical expenses to his/her own vehicle. However, the liability coverage will pay for damages or repairs to the vehicles of other drivers involved in the accident or medical expenses for other parties where the insured Ford owner is found to be at fault.

Ford owners that want to have the most protection available for their vehicles and themselves should consider purchasing a comprehensive and collision insurance policy. Comprehensive and collision coverage, also known as full coverage, will provide protection in the event the insured driver is involved in an accident or the vehicle is lost or stolen. Full coverage will also provide coverage to the insured driver if the vehicle is damaged during increment weather. The coverage pays for repair costs and medical expenses of the insured driver and other affected partieseven if the insured driver is found to be at fault.

Ford Motor Company Insurance

Although virtually every car insurance company in the United States will ensure a Ford vehicle, some Ford car owners choose to purchase car insurance directly through a Ford Motor Company subsidiary. American Road Services Company is a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company and offers insurance coverage to owners of Ford vehicles. Many owners of Ford vehicles have reported that purchasing coverage from American Road services works out wellespecially when financing a vehicle through Ford Motor Credit. In fact, some people have reported that premium rates offered by American Road Services are lower on many types of Ford vehicles than with some other insurance companies.

Ford Car Insurance Vehicle Ratings

Vehicle insurance ratings vary considerably based on the type of Ford vehicle being insured. For example, the State Farm Insurance Company’s vehicle rating system lists most Ford cars as being somewhat cheaper to insure than other vehicles on the road. On the other hand, many Ford SUVs and trucks cost more to ensure that other types of larger vehicles on American roads. The State Farm Insurance Company’s vehicle ratings index rates most Ford car as a category A or B vehicle and most Ford SUVs and trucks a category C or D vehicle. A and B category vehicles are considered somewhat lower to insure while category C and D vehicles are vehicles considered to qualify for average premium rates or rates that are somewhat higher than the standard average.

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