How to Apply for Auto Engine Repair Insurance

January 27, 2012

One of the types of insurance you should take a good look at is called auto engine repair insurance. This insurance is not like collision insurance in that it does not cover repairs in case of an accident. This type of auto insurance will pay for those costly repairs in the case that your engine needs work done. There are many different types of insurance of this type that can cover your entire car, or just specific parts. Here are some tips to help you apply for auto engine repair insurance.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Computer
  • Internet Access

Step 1: Locate Quality Auto Engine Repair Insurance

There are plenty of different repair insurance companies in competition for your business. As with anything else, you will have to look at each company and find the one that will work for you and your needs while fitting into your budget. You can use a Google search to find reviews of good repair insurance companies to help you with this. Once you find a good company, check out their website and what they cover. 

Step 2: Call Companies and Talk to Insurance Agents

In some respects, auto engine repair insurance is a lot like that of regular car insurance. You still need to apply and work out the specifics of your policy. To do this you should talk to an agent. If you do not want to talk on a phone, there are many companies that have online access to instantly talk with an agent. This is the time to ask questions about the coverage, what you can change, and if you can add anything. If you have any doubts, or need clarifications, then talking with an agent will help you.

Step 3: Fill Out Online Form

Once you know the specifics about the repair insurance policy, you will then need to fill out the online form with your information. This will include both some personal information as well as your vehicle's information. Filling out this form does not mean that you are automatically covered. There are several things that can stop your application. Your vehicle's age, mileage and any recent repairs will all be considered. When filling out the application be as specific, and honest, as you can about your vehicle. Any deviation from the application, and your vehicle, at the time of repair can lead to you being canceled and the repairs not covered.

Step 4. Answer Any Questions

Once your application is completed and submitted, you may be required to answer some questions for clarification. This can be in the form of an email, or through telephone communication. Usually, this is because of something that was not filled out completely or correctly. 

Step 5. Make a Deposit

After you are notified that your application was accepted, you may be asked to make your first payment, or place a down payment on the policy. You can do this online with a credit card or an electronic check. Once this payment is processed then your policy will be active. 

Step 6. Keep Current

One of the problems with an insurance of this type is that people will let them lapse because they haven't had to use it. You never know when you will need to have repairs done to your vehicle. Make sure that your auto engine repair insurance is up to date and current.