How to File a Pothole Damage Claim

January 27, 2012

A person can file a pothole damage claim if his or her car accidentally drives into a pothole. Potholes represent both a deadly and financial threat to the driver. When a driver accidentally drives into a pothole, the car can get stuck and the one of the tires can get punctured. The sudden impact of the car can hurt the driver. Potholes happen when roads are not well maintained or they weren’t constructed properly. The drivers will also have to fork out extra money just to pay for the extra tire. A person may get stuck in a middle of a long and empty road for a long time. Potholes are a problem in a lot of countries with poor infrastructures like South Africa, but it is also prominent in developed countries like the United States and England.

The good news is that a person can file a pothole damages claim. Since the road was constructed by the government, they have the responsibility of maintaining the road. A person can file a claim from the government to pay for pothole damage. Here is how to do it.

1. Record the Location

The first thing to do is to take note of the location of the pothole. Be on the lookout for any signs or street names. If you don’t know where you are, you can always ask people nearby for answers. For those who are tech savvy, a check on the car’s GPS position should reveal the location. Enter the information into any information storage you have.

2. Take the Photo of the Pothole

Take a photo of the pothole using your camera phone or any other image recording device you have. Remember to take a high quality one. Next take a photo of the physical damages done to your car. In the case of potholes, the damage is always done to the tires.

3. Ask someone to be Your Witness

If there is someone standing nearby that witnessed the event, ask him or her for permission to be your witness for the claim. Take down his or her contact number.

4. Find another Mode of Transportation

If it is possible or you have an extra pair of hands, check to lift the car back on even ground and repair the tire. If that is not possible, you should call a towing service. Be sure to ask the towing service for a lift to the nearest police station.

5. Make a Police Report

At the police station, be detailed about the events that occurred when the vehicle landed into the pothole. Keep a copy of the police report.

6. Send your Car for Repairs

Send your car for repairs and be sure to keep the receipts they have given you.

7. Send it to the Transportation Authority

Depending on where you live, the method to file the claim is different. If you live in Rhode Island, you should go the Transportation Department. Ask the police on how to file such claims. Once you have submitted the claim to the proper authorities, give them 2 months to process it. Be sure to submit all relevant documents.  

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