How to Fill Out a Car Insurance Claim Form

January 27, 2012

If you've been involved in a car accident or a collision of some kind, you'll need to fill out a car insurance claim form in order to accurately report the incident to your insurance company. Many companies allow you to submit a claim online, while others have a phone operated system to help you submit an esurance auto claim. Whatever your companies' procedure is, you should plan to file a report and a claim of your car insurance liabilities and damages that occurred as a result of the accident as soon as possible after the collision. Be sure anyone injured in the collision receives proper medical attention and that all are in a safe place. Then call your insurance company or file a report online with the necessary information.

Step 1 -- Collect All of the Pertinent Information at the Scene of the Accident

Before you leave the scene of the accident, there is a good deal of important information you need to collect from all other people who were involved in the collision. You'll need to gather the names and contact information for each driver who was involved in the accident. Additionally, you should note the type and model year of each vehicle in the collision, the number of passengers in each car, the damage to each car and where it occurred. Most importantly, however, is you collect the drivers' information regarding insurance. Collect their insurance company names and policy numbers, and be sure to note the drivers' license plate numbers as well.

Step 2 -- Contact Your Car Insurance Company

Once you have gathered the information and taken care of any medical issues that arose as a result of the collision, you can go to a safe place and contact your insurance company. If it's easier, contact the company by phone in order to file a claim. However, if you're planning on filling out an insurance claim form online or via a paper document, log on to your insurance company website in order to get access to the form.

Using the information that you've gathered from your own vehicle and in regards to your own insurance policy as well as the information you collected from other people who were involved with the in the accident, fill out the document. You'll need to provide information about the date, time and location of the accident. Report all of the information honestly and, if you don't remember any piece of information, do not make it up. Doing so is a criminal offense and you may be prosecuted or face other criminal penalties for doing so.

Once you've filed your claim, you should wait to hear back from your insurance company in order to proceed. A claims adjuster will contact you in order to get your testimony regarding the cause of the accident. If you have any questions, contact a representative.

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