How to Find a Certified Auto Appraiser

January 27, 2012

There are different reasons you will need an auto appraiser. For a certified auto appraisal the vehicle will need to be inspected in person by the appraiser. The reason for a certified appraisal is usually the need to purchase car insurance or the disposition of the car in a legal situation.

Whatever your reason for needing the appraisal, hiring your own appraiser will be more beneficial because he is working for you and does not have any affiliations with the company requesting the appraisal.

Look Locally

To find a certified auto appraiser there are many options available. First use the local business directory. They will list appraisal companies in your area.

Visit a local auto dealership. They usually know of local appraisers and can recommend someone to you.

Contact your local auto body shops. They work with many appraisers due to all their insurance work.

Call the local auto club office. They are a good resource for most drivers’ resources and will usually answer questions over the phone, even if you’re not a member.

Search the Internet

Search on the Internet. There are many companies that have representatives in your area. Be sure they are certified and you will get the appraisal in writing. If you live in a remote area, they will help you locate the nearest appraiser to you.

Before hiring any appraiser, make sure they are certified and they are not affiliated with your insurance company. It can be a conflict of interest and you might get an estimate in favor of the insurance company.

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