How to Find Out Your Car Insurance Inception Date

January 27, 2012

The car insurance inception date is the day on which your car insurance begins. This can sometimes also be known as the start date. While most car insurance policies begin on the day they are paid for, you can also arrange different inception dates, so that insurance can begin once your old insurance has expired. The date on which the policy began is important if you have an accident and need to make a claim. In order to work out the inception date for your car insurance, you will need to look in a number of places.

Car Insurance Policy

You should receive a car insurance document which details all of the features of your insurance, so that if you make a claim, you will be able to know what your policy covers. On this document, you will find stated the start and finish dates. This document should have arrived soon after you made the agreement, and kept in a safe place.

Car Insurance Company

If for some reason you cannot immediately lay hands upon your document, then you should also be able to find out the date of your car insurance inception by speaking to the car insurance company that supplied the policy. Their number will be on any letters you have exchanged, and will probably also be available on their webpage. In order to ask them details about your policy, you will need to have the insurance number, which will also be printed on letters and correspondence between you.

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