How to Get a No Deposit Car Insurance Policy

January 27, 2012

With the cost involved in purchasing and running a car, it is useful to know how to get no deposit on car insurance. By following a specific practice and ensuring that certain procedures are put in place, you can obtain an insurance policy without the requirement of paying any sum in advance.

Step 1 – Vehicle Details

Start by gathering all the details about the vehicle that will be required by the insurance company to enable them to provide a quote. This will include information in relation to the physical status of the vehicle, as well as the history and use of the vehicle. To ensure that no deposit is required for a car insurance policy, all this information must be available and correct. Where you are yet to choose the car you intend to insure, you should opt for an average one over a high-end one, in order to make car insurance with no deposit required more of a possibility.

Step 2 – Personal Information

Ensure you have all the required personal information about the drivers who will be covered by the insurance policy. In order to create a situation where no deposit will be added car insurance policy, the insurers must consider the risk to be a good one. In lieu of this, you must ensure all the personal information you provide, including details of your driving and insurance history, are correct and up to date. If you are not sure about certain points, do not guess. Take the time to gather all necessary details prior to providing them to the insurance company.  

Step 3 – Quotes

It is prudent to contact several insurance companies to provide a number of quotes, even though you will be giving them all the same information. Insurance companies treat risks in different manners, reaching different conclusions after evaluating all the information. In addition to contacting insurance companies directly, you can also use comparison websites. These will enable you to get a number of quotes in one place after only inputting your details once.

Step 4 – Compare

Once you have gathered a reasonable number of quotes from a range of insurance companies, you will be in a position to compare them. In addition to the cost of the premium, you will also be able to determine which require no deposit. Car insurance policies vary greatly and can be limited if only using websites to obtain quotes. You will find that some insurance companies require no deposit on car insurance, while others do. It is worthwhile calling them to check whether there are any adjustments that can be made.

Step 5 – Payment Plan

Think carefully about the manner in which you intend to pay for the car insurance policy. In order to attract no deposit on the car insurance policy, you will often find you need to pay the entire premium as a lump sum. Alternatively, where you want to pay in installments, you will find that each payment must be higher than normal.