How to Get Discount Veterans Car Insurance

January 27, 2012

If you have been serving in the armed forces for several years, you may be eligible for veterans car insurance. This is a special insurance policy that’s made available to military personnel or war veterans. Veterans qualify for good coverage options at low insurance premiums. To get these discounted policies, you need to follow the guidelines listed below.

Getting Military Car Insurance:

  • You should first research some of the major auto insurance companies in the US to find out if they offer discounts to veterans. Geico, Esurance, Allstate and State Farm are some of the major players. You could either visit their websites or call an agent to find out if you qualify for a discounted rate.
  • Geico is one such company that offers insurance discounts to the military. They offer a discount of up to 15 percent to retired military personnel, individuals on active duty, and members of the National Guard or Reserves. Moreover, military personnel can also take advantage of significant Emergency Deployment Discounts if they have received orders to serve in some of the high danger areas in the world. To find a list of these areas, refer to the Geico website.
  • Alternatively, visit the USAA website to find out how you could take advantage of veteran and member discounts on car insurance. They offer you flexible payment options and an additional $50 discount if you buy a policy online. Apart from the military discount, you could also ask for safe driver discounts or an accident forgiveness program to get good coverage at an affordable price.
  • You should also consider using esurance to meet your car insurance needs. This is because esurance helps military personnel cancel or reinstate their auto insurance policies without any hassle. Military personnel are thus exempt from paying any cancellation fees. Moreover, veterans could reinstate their policy by simply providing proof they have served in the military and haven’t driven any civilian vehicles during their term of service.
  • When doing your research on auto insurance, you could also look up the Veterans of Foreign Wars website to find out if you’re getting a better policy. They offer preferred rates and good coverage to Veterans of Foreign War employees and members. However it’s best to get a quote from three or more companies to do a comparison and find out which policy gives you the best coverage.
  • You should also read the terms and conditions listed on any auto insurance contract before signing it. Find out about the claims filing process and read online reviews to determine if any given company is easy to work with.

Since every insurance company assesses a driver’s risk factor against different criteria, you must use an online quote comparison tool to find out more about different policies without spending too much time. You could also use the services of an auto insurance broker to compare policies and find one that matches your personal needs. Consider purchasing a vehicle that has several safety features, as this will help you keep you insurance premiums low.