How to Get the Cheapest Classic Car Insurance Quote

January 27, 2012

You have many ways to obtain the cheapest classic car insurance quote for your classic car. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Use Search Engine

If you are just starting your search for classic auto insurance, use a major search engine and search for "classic car insurance quotes."

Step 2: Look at the Results

Take a close look at the results of your Internet search. You'll probably find half-a-dozen or so that are real, while the rest are just agents looking for your business.

Step 3: Make Your Choice

At this point, you have to sit down and look at the sites of the real insurance companies, not agents, to see which ones offer you the chance for a direct online quote and which ones specialize in classic cars. Here are some of your best choices for reasonable or inexpensive classic car insurance quotes:

  • USAA (the US Auto Club) – Check to make sure they have a classic car section in their menus and if so, what they will charge.
  • USCCA – This is the US Classic Car Club and they have deals set up as a group with major car insurance carriers. It is likely you will find the best deal on classic car insurance through them.
  • AAA (American Automobile Assn.) - It also has deals set up with major carriers and may be able to offer you a deal equally as good as one of the other firms. Each one of these firms should enable you to ask for an online quote and should respond to you within hours of your query.
  • Progressive Insurance and GEICO - Although not known for classic car insurance, it is possible that you may be able to obtain inexpensive classic car insurance quotes through Progressive Insurance or even GEICO, two of the major low-cost insurance providers. They both make heavy use of Internet quotes and may be able to save you substantial money.
  • Esurance - It is another online firm that should get you a low-cost quote, as they are a fully Internet-based auto insurance firm and offer you quick quotes through local agents.

Step 4: Specific Car Clubs

Once you have Internet quotes, check with car clubs. It is often the most overlooked source that is dedicated to the make you want to insure. For example, if you own a Dodge Charger, look at the website for the national Dodge Charger club and look for the insurance section. When you have found that section, search through the menus to find your specific car and possibly an agent in your area that handles this insurance. You can also obtain an online quote through an email option that is usually answered within hours of your query. 

Step 5: Your Own Agent

Your own car insurance agent, who naturally wants all of your insurance business, may be able to find you the quote you're looking for, so give them a call. You might be surprised.

Step 6: Compare

Once you have all your available quotes, compare them. Keep in mind what each company is offering in muscle car coverage, as the lowest amount may not be the cheapest one. You need to consider what the company is covering in the amount offered. You will surely get the lowest quote out of the many options.