How to Qualify for a Passive Alarm Insurance Discount

July 1, 2013

A passive alarm system is a device that is automatically activated after the car ignition has been turned off and the doors have been shut. A passive alarm system offers your car best protection because you will never forget to turn on the system. When you’re shopping for auto insurance, it’s important to tell the auto insurance agent that your vehicle is equipped with a passive alarm system, to avail of discounts. Every insurance company assesses a driver’s risk factor on various criteria. However, if the vehicle has technologically advanced safety features and anti-theft devices, most insurance companies will offer you a low insurance premium. To qualify for a passive alarm insurance discount, keep the following guidelines in mind.

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  • First contact major auto insurance players in the US automotive market to determine their policies and coverage options. PROGRESSIVE, GEICO, State Farm and Nationwide insurance are some of the major auto insurers, amidst others. You could either visit their websites or contact an agent to request for a quote.
  • Apart from a passive alarm discount, you could also obtain a good insurance quote if your vehicle has an active alarm system. However, the discount won’t be as significant as the discount obtained on the passive alarm system.
  • Passive alarm discounts are not automatically added to your policy. You will have to provide details about your vehicle, its features and specifications in order to get an accurate quote and qualify for discounts. Make sure you mention the type of alarm system (passive or active) your vehicle is equipped with, when requesting for a quote.
  • Since each company uses different criteria to determine a driver’s risk factor, obtain quotes from at least 3 insurers to get the best offer. You could also use online auto insurance comparison tools to get quotes from multiple insurers. Refer to the Car Insurance Rates website for this purpose.
  • You will have to provide details about your driving history when obtaining a quote. It’s important to fill out the required information as precisely as possible so that you get an accurate estimate.
  • Consider using the services of an auto insurance broker to find the best coverage at an affordable price. These brokers are aware of different auto insurance policies and coverage tiers offered by major auto insurers. They could also help you attain significant safe driver discounts that could save you hundreds of dollars over the years.
  • Although you will have to pay a good sum of money to purchase a passive alarm system and other safety devices, you will end up saving a lot of money on auto insurance in the long run. Thus the passive alarm system pays for itself.
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You need to do your research well to obtain the best deals and discounts on auto insurance. If you’re not satisfied with the quote offered by any given company, consider contacting independent auto insurance companies in your neighborhood to find out what they have to offer. Make sure you’re dealing with a reliable company that will make payouts towards your claims in the future. Also read your auto insurance contract carefully before signing it, to fully understand the terms and conditions listed therein.