The 3 Cheapest Companies for Small Business Car Insurance

January 27, 2012

If you own your own company, you may at some point be on the lookout for small business car insurance. This is an important issue to resolve immediately, because you don't want any of your employees driving a company car uninsured. If they were to get in an accident without any business auto insurance, your company could end up losing a lot of money unnecessarily. Here are the three best companies to contact to find the cheapest coverage for your company cars. 

Wells Fargo

Though you may think twice about going to a bank first, Wells Fargo has a dedicated team to helping small businesses with everything from business auto insurance to health care coverage. They will be able to gather multiple quotes for you while at the same time providing professional guidance to help you choose the best coverage at the right price. 

Website: Wells Fargo Business Auto Insurance


This well-known insurance provider offers everything from crime to travel insurance, and also has a special service just for small business car insurance. Since they are such a large company, they will be able to tailor a package specifically for car insurance for a corporation. They also provide great customer service, even providing a 24-hour toll-free number you can use to make a claim. 

Website: Nationwide Small Business Auto Insurance


If you're looking for car insurance for a corporation of up to 100 employees, you may want to visit the website of Progressive. They offer an extensive service for small businesses looking for car insurance. They have split their business auto insurance packages by business sector and even have a separate department for towing companies, since their needs are different from other small businesses. They also provide ways for small businesses to save money on their car insurance to help keep costs down, such as discounts for also insuring private vehicles with Progressive and paying by Electronic Funds Transfer.

Website: Progressive Commercial Business Auto Insurance