The 6 Cheapest Cars to Insure and the Most Expensive

January 27, 2012

There are not many cheap cars to insure, but there are some that are cheaper than others. As any driver will be aware, it is not just the car that is taken into consideration when they call their insurance company for a quote. Driving histories and credit records along with other important personal details are also factors in the decision.

1 - Smart Fortwo

The Smart cars are not everyone's favorite looking vehicle of choice. They are considered cramped and stubby looking without a great deal of character. To others they might be a thing of beauty. Nevertheless, regardless of how they look, they are the cheapest car to insure in the USA. One reason is that they are small, compact and economical and another is that people who buy them are usually classed as safe drivers, so the level of claims against such a vehicle is extremely low.

2 - Subaru Forester Wagon AWD

This all terrain vehicle is one of the safest vehicles and therefore one of the cheapest to insure. It is a high end car, which makes it accessible to middle and high income executives who tend to use it mostly for outdoor pursuits. Like the Fortwo, it has extremely low claims rates and that is a major factor in the price of insurance. It currently stands as one of the cheapest new cars to insure.

3 - Chevrolet Impala 4DR

The Chevrolet Impala achieved 6.6 out of 10 on the safety test scale, which for a mid range car is not bad at all. Side impact scored higher than front impact but even so, it is still one of the better rated cars for a family driving experience. Owing to the nature of it being a more family orientated car, the Chevrolet Impala is also one of the cheapest cars to insure.

4 - Porsche 911 Carrera Turbo

This car is completely recognizable by most people as one of the most expensive sports cars in the world. The Porsche Carrera has been around for about 40 years and in all that time the outer style has changed very little. The engine technology has been improved and updated, but the overall appearance is still the same. There is really no need for explanation as to why this is one of the most expensive cars to insure. The high performance engine speaks very loudly for itself.

5 - Mercedes CL600

Again, this top of the range model is one of Mercedes' more executive cars and therefore will appeal more to high rolling professionals. The claims rate on cars like this was not exceptionally high in comparison to other high end models, but the specifications of the vehicle make it an automatically expensive vehicle.

6 - Audi R8

The Audi R8 is not the cheapest car to buy and therefore will not be the cheapest car to insure. Prices start somewhere in the region of $114,000. Unless you win the lottery there is really no point in even considering looking at this car. It is one of the highest in the claims bracket and it will cost you an arm and a leg to insure it.

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