The Most and Least Expensive Car insurance

March 18, 2013
The type of car you drive has a direct impact on how much you pay for your car insurance. If you drive a car that is rated well in crash tests and designated a safe car, chances are you will have a reasonable car insurance rate. However, if your car is sports car with a big engine and all the latest and greatest features, chances are you will be paying more for your car insurance.

Although common-sense holds that the more expensive a car, the more expensive the insurance, this is not always the case. Insurance rates differ greatly between makes and models. If a car performs well in crash tests, it's not frequently stolen, and has additional safety or anti-theft devices, it will generally cost less to insure it. If your car is flashier and has an above average chance of being stolen, you will more than likely be paying more for your auto insurance.

Most Expensive to Insure: Least Expensive to Insure:
Lexus IS 300
Land Rover Discovery Series II
Audi S4
Jaguar X-Type
Mercedes-Benz SLK-Class
Lexus GS 430
Land Rover Freelander
Mitsubishi Montero
Toyota 4Runner
Oldsmobile Silhouette
Pontiac Montana
Saturn L Series Sedan
Chrysler PT Cruiser
Saturn L Series Wagon
Chevrolet Venture
Chevrolet Astro
Saturn VUE
Jeep Wrangler
Oldsmobile Bravada

The Cost of Horsepower – If your car has an exuberant amount of horsepower, car insurance companies will most likely assume you're going to use them; thus classifying you as a riskier person to insure. Chances are that if you do have a car with a lot of horsepower, you will eventually feel the need to test them out. Bigger Could be Better, but Costlier Although SUVs and large trucks might be safer than compact cars in accidents, they tend to foster a more expensive liability coverage rate given the fact that they inflict more damage than most standard cars in accidents. There are still many SUVs that have inherent safety flaws in their design, specifically with rollover tests, which increases the cost of your insurance policy.

The Family Car and Car Insurance – Cars such as minivans, family sedans, and station wagons are all perceived to be the typical "family car," and family cars usually cost less to insure. Cars that are used primarily to transport a family are generally involved in fewer accidents, due to safer driving habits associated with those who transport family members.

Remember, the same policy can differ by hundreds of dollars from company to company, not to mention that rates are always changing. Regardless of which list your car is on, you can always get quotes to identify potential savings on your car insurance. Check out for comparison shopping - it is the best way to find the coverage you need at the lowest cost.

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