Who are the Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies?

January 27, 2012

Finding the cheapest auto insurance companies isn't as difficult as it might seem. Everyone needs auto insurance simply to stay on the right side of the law. However, nobody wants to pay more than is absolutely necessary for the right coverage. Who actually has the cheapest car insurance? Securing a great deal on your insurance premium will depend on your age, driving record and the type of coverage that you actually need. The following companies have a history of providing excellent customer service, enjoy strong reputations and are among the cheapest auto insurance companies around.


Save $500 on your car insurance? That's what Progressive claims to do on its website and if the impressive boast is true, it will make Progressive one of the cheapest auto insurance companies in the country.

With 24/7 customer service and local claims response, they're always available to help with questions and claims. Importantly, the sales and claims phone services both have live operators, so there's none of the frustration that's associated with automated call centers. Progressive includes rate comparisons with their quotes so you can see how they fare against the competition. On top of that, they also have excellent payment plans which are a real benefit for those on a small budget.


GEICO became famous for its gecko ads which brought the company into the public domain and since then, it's become one of the cheapest auto insurance companies around. Geico claims that customers can save 15 per cent or more on their car insurance by choosing to insure with them.

They offer a range of extra discounts, usually dependent on age and driving record, as well as extra discounts for armed forces personnel. With GEICO, there's 24-hour phone assistance for customers as well as online access to your policy. Payment options help make them affordable, while appropriately chosen coverage will provide a rental car while your own is being repaired. Geico also offers guaranteed repairs through a deal with a national repair company.

Safeco Insurance

Safeco Insurance is one of the country's largest insurance companies and like the others, it offers online insurance quotes. However, Safeco also deals with independent insurance agents, which makes it much easier to customize your policy. This also helps put them among the cheapest auto insurance companies.

The Hartford

On its website, The Hartford says it can save potential customers up to $464 a year on their auto insurance. That's an impressive amount, but this is just one of many claims. They promise not to drop drivers who meet their requirements, even if they have accidents. For those insuring new cars, The Hartford will replace your car with a brand new one if your vehicle is declared a total loss within the first 15,000 miles or 15 months of ownership. Like other insurance companies, they also offer 24/7 customer service.  


Travelers, with its famous umbrella symbol, is one of American's best-known insurance companies. Their rates on auto insurance are highly competitive and they have numerous add-ons available, including towing, labor coverage and reimbursement for rental vehicles. These superb additional policy features help to place Travelers among the cheapest auto insurance companies.

Travelers has a guaranteed repair program which includes auto glass repair at your home or office. They also have additional discounts for customers, including a special price for hybrid cars. They offer 24/7 live support.