2 Top Car Paint Services to Consider

January 27, 2012

When your car is involved in an accident, or has paint damage from oxidation, peeling or scratches, low-cost car paint services provide a way for you to bring your old car back to live in order to even give it a new look. Although custom or high and paint jobs can often run thousands of dollars, you can get a decent quality paint job for under $1000. So, here is some information on paint shops that provide decent quality paint job at very reasonable prices.


Maaco does more paint jobs on automobiles than any other company in the world. In fact, if your car has collision damage, has faded or damaged paint or simply needs to be painted another color, there is probably a Maaco location near you that can do the work. Maaco is based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and has more than 500 locations nationwide.

Maaco offers a wide variety of car paint services that range from budget car repaints to custom paint jobs for show vehicles. Although Macco does provide some high-end services that can cost several thousand dollars, they are perhaps most famous for their economy paint jobs where your entire vehicle can be painted for between $200 - $400.

Although Maaco is not generally known for providing paint jobs for high-end applications, the company does have millions of satisfied customers because of their low cost patent services that offer reasonably good quality for a low price.

Earl Scheib

Started in 1975 at the corner of Pico and La Brea in Los Angeles, California, Earl Scheib has grown to be a nationwide provider of inexpensive car painting services. Every year, the company paints more than 150,000 vehicles for individuals, dealerships and leasing companies. Earl Scheib has 85 locations across the country; however, the majority of the locations are centered in California and the northeastern United States.

Earl Scheib does thousands of paint jobs every year for only $399. For this price, customers can get a complete car repaint using economy or standard quality paint. While this is an excellent value, the company also frequently publishes coupons that allow customers to get the service for only $249.

Many people often compare Earl Scheib to Maaco and there's always been a big dispute over which is the better company or which provides better a quality paint job. However, if you take the time to browse online consumer ratings and reviews sites, you'll find that both companies provide comparable levels of work.

Other Alternatives

If one of the major chain car painting center is not for you, you might want to consider finding low-cost shops to provide good work by using other means. One of the easiest ways to find paint shops that do good work at reasonable prices is to simply ask car dealers in your area - especially, used-car dealers.

Used-car dealerships frequently have cars repainted and never pay too much for the service. So, if you ask one of the salespeople nicely, they might be happy to direct you to the shop or person they use for painting vehicles.

Alternatively, if you happen to observe a classic or muscle car club gathering while out on one of their cruise nights, you might want to ask a few of the members where they get their car paint work done. This is particularly useful if you're looking for a high end or custom paint job.


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