3 Car Wax Tools to Use for a the Best Shine

January 27, 2012

If you are a fan of waxing your car, then you will probably be interested in the range of car wax tools which are available for use in the modern world. These can include items such as an electronic buffer system, or a particular kind of tool to help with the application of the wax to the car body. If you are looking for a number of car wax tools, then you should shop around for cost-effective items, while not settling for the cheapest items, as these can sometimes be of poor quality. When considering what kind of car wax tools to buy, you should look at both the electric and hand waxing tools available.

Electric Tools: Waxing

There are a number of available tools on the market which help to take the manual labor out of applying a car wax to a body. Take for example the orbital wax buffer tool, which can be used to apply the coating to the car without the risk of scratches or marks. The orbital buffer can also be used as an effective sander, removing corrosion and damage from the car prior to a wax being applied. There area a variety of electric waxing tools, ranging from the orbital to other more traditional kinds of rotary tools.

Hand Tools: Waxing

You can also get a number of manual tools which will help when you wax the car by hand. A wax pad plus holder will allow you to smooth the car polish over the surface of the car, and you can extend your hand to the full reach, pressing down on the pad as you rub to get the maximum firmness necessary. You can also purchase other hand towels which will help you to apply the wax to the surface of the car. Brushes or even cotton swabs will help you to keep an eye on the amount of wax being applied to your car.

Hand Tools: Buffing

After you have applied the car wax, you need some removal, or buffing, tools. Some of these can also be used with the  buffing tools, to get the maximum friction, but you can use a wax removal bonnet in your hand, just fitting it over your fingers like a glove. They will also fit over the wax pad, so you can apply the wax with the pad and holder, and then buff it by adding the bonnet over the top.


Related Questions and Answers

What are the Advantages of Automotive Buffers?

Automotive buffers give you several advantages that hand buffing cannot hope to match. For example, there's speed. With a powered auto buffer you can apply a coat of wax in five or 10 minutes, wait for it to set, change pads to a fine buffer, and then finish the job, all in fewer than 20 minutes, if you are pressed. Further, if there are light scratches and nicks that need to be removed from your vehicle's finish, then a buffer lets you apply a buffing agent that contains a wet-sanding agent as well that takes off any the outer layer of paint, where the nicks are, leaving only new paint exposed underneath. This paint must be sealed quickly, which is another good job for a buffer.

What are the Best Auto Buffing Pads for a Good Shine?

The best auto buffing pads are those made of the softest possible, lint-free materials such as natural kidskin and lanolin-treated lambswool with a good, soft backer. Meguiars makes a line of body-care products and they have had a more than 20-year history at the top of the automotive detailing world. Porter is another good name in buffing pads. The oldline buffing pad manufacturers such as Craftsman for Sears and DeWalt all use the same basic formula. Perhaps it still best to go with an old name and reputation in the detailing world and if you use any of the products advocated by Simonize, you won't go wrong.

What are Most Popular Car Wax Brands?

Car wax brands popularity tend to come and go with the season and with the advertising agency, however, you can never go wrong with old standards such as Simonize or any of the Turtle Wax products. Even ArmorAll makes a line of waxes now. One of the top brands used is made by Meguiars, which also makes a range of car-cleaning, polishing and restoring products. There's also the new wave of polymer-based waxes and sealants whose best-known product is NuFinish. Even the latecomer to the market RainX, known for its windshield-wetting agent, has come out with a line of wax and cleaner products.