3 Facts About Car Paint Colors: Think Twice Before Your Mind is Set

January 27, 2012

If you are thinking about repainting your car, then you should consider the range of car paint colors available to you. The type of paint color that you use on your car will very much depend upon your style, and the model of car that you own. When you come to consider the range of car paint colors available to you, don't just look at the same five colors that are the standard for car painting, but instead consider bright colors, unusual tones or other features which will make your car stand out from the crowd.

Standard Car Paint Colors

If you need to get a perfect color match for your car's paint, perhaps for a repair or a paint touch up (for example if you have been scratched, or have had to repair a dent), then you are likely to be able to find small cans of the color available in car repair shops. You may be able to request the right color from your seller if you have a color which is high in demand, but you should not worry too much about getting the correct color from your car manufacturer, as there are many suitable replacements available online. Car colors tend to be made in a standard range, so you might be able to find a cheaper color which will not stand out too much from the original paintwork of your car. Get advice online about what colors might be suitable matches for your car, as many forum members will be able to advise you on what cheaper models will suit your needs. As well as small cans of paint, you may be able to purchase a car paint pen in suitable colors for your car.

Rarer Car Paint Colors

For a complete change of style, you may consider getting a totally different color for your car. There are many fashionable colors which can be put onto an older car to make it appear new, or trendy. For example, yellows and whites have become more popular recently, and you may be able to see a yellow car driving about when you take any local trip. While white has always been a standard color for cars, mroe recent developments have meant that it is a brighter white than before, more the color of bubblegum than of house paints, which means that the car itself looks younger and fresher, ideal for those who are keep to stay in fashion.

Getting the Right Paint

Before you start painting the car, you will need to find the right style for you. Get the most from your car by choosing a correct color for your age and car model. A very old car, while much loved, might not take a bright color very well, while a newer car might be more difficult to get the right match of paint for. Consider what color your car would look best in before you make the purchase.