3 Items to Use for Temporary Car Paint

January 27, 2012

If you would like to create removable graphics or lettering for your vehicle, temporary car paint could be the solution you are looking for. These days there are several manufacturers of temp car paint spray that can be used to create slogans for your favorite high school or college team, create eye catching decorations for your car or simply change the color of your vehicle.

Once you no longer need the new color or alterations, you simply remove them and your car's paint is no worse for the wear. Here, you will read a little about the type of temporary paint solutions that are out there and how they are used.

Duplicolor Car Art Paint

Whether you want to add a cool flame design to your car or simply want to show support for your favorite football team on the weekend, Duplicolor car paint allows you to quickly add graphics to your car or create cool slogans.

A special process, and use of specially designed pigments and ink powders, allows Duplicolor paint to pay it to dry in less than a minute. Also, the paint is very resistant to wind, rain and other elements. However, cleaning up the temporary paint is very easy and it can be quickly removed with a sponge a bucket of soap and water. It leaves no residue or film at at all, so the paint on your vehicle is left in the same condition as it was before the product was applied. Duplicolor Car Art Paint sells for about $6 per can, and comes in many popular colors, such as: black, white, red, blue, green and gold. You can find it in most car parts stores or at major retailers like Kmart or Wal-Mart.

Car Foil

Car foil is another excellent alternative when you want to change the color of your car temporarily. Car foil is sort of like window tint in that it is attached directly to the surface of the car, much in the same way tint is applied to window glass in the vehicle. Car foil is available in many colors and some companies even specialize in creating custom colors for car foil.

Although the application of car foil does take some care and a lot of patience, it is very useful when you need to change the color of a vehicle and don't want to damage the original paint surface. Companies like 3M and FoilACar are currently the most notable producers of this popular new way of temporarily repainting a vehicle.

Spray Paint - The Permanent Temporary Solution

If you need a cost effective way to quickly repaint your vehicle a different color, then visit your favorite auto parts store and purchase a few cans of good old fashioned automotive spray paint.

This solution is appropriate only for vehicles that have very poor paint jobs to begin with; however, if done with a little care and precision, you can achieve a decent looking paint job with a few cans of high quality spray paint. Then, when your budget allows, have the car professionally repainted to the color of your choice.

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