3 Methods for Getting a Bad Car Smell Out of Your Vehicle

January 27, 2012

A bad car smell often causes even the shortest drives to grow miserable. Generally speaking, most individuals attempt to maintain the new car smell that so many automobile purchasers fall in love with. Thankfully, when a car obtains an undesirable odor, the customer or car owner does possess the ability to remove nearly any stench problem.

Tip #1 - Air it out

Cars will often hold odors due to the permeable interior within the vehicle. Certain stenches will get absorbed by seat cushions and even cloth car mats. In order to completely remove an odor that gets trapped by the car's interior, simply let then vehicle stand with both windows and doors down in a clean outdoor environment. Removing the mats and any seat covers will increase the likelihood of shedding a foul car stench.

Tip #2 - Air Freshening Helps

Simply store bought air fresheners often help remove odors from nearly any living space, including such spaces as vehicles. Some spray fresheners actually work by absorbing air born particles that cause odor problems. Customers will find the most satisfaction by choosing a product that does not cause an even higher degree of unwanted odor. In other words, always choose a product that will provide a desirable smell, since the interior of the car will generally absorb most of the freshening product.

Tip #3 - Thorough Wash

Often times, the car's interior will hold most of the odor causing a problem for the driver and passengers. Many car owners shampoo both the carpet, car mats, and gently clean the car seats, if not leather, to remove a bad car smell.

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