3 Steps on How to Buy Car Paint for Less

January 27, 2012

If you want to buy car paint for your car, but are looking for a good deal, then you may have trouble getting the right deal for your vehicle or your wallet. Car paint comes in various shades, and various prices, so depending upon what type of car paint you are trying to buy, you may find yourself taken aback by the costs. To get the right amount of paint for the cost, you will need to take a good look around, and follow some simple guidelines to getting more for your money, no matter where you are buying car paint from.

Get a Phone Book

If you look in your area for good deals on cars, then try looking in the phone book. Some car paint wholesalers can be found there, and you will also have access to a number of car garages and dealerships who will be able to offer you the best for your money. Getting a good deal for your car paint can make a difference in how much of the car you choose to paint. Bear this in mind when haggling.

Buy Online

Another good source for cheap car paint is to look online. You will have a range of colors and makes to choose from. This can mean you have a great selection of paints which would not otherwise be available to you. If you are willing to buy car paint online, be aware not everyone is honest, and you may have trouble getting your money back if anything does go wrong. In addition, people make mistakes, whether honest or not, and you may find the paint ordered online is not the right color for your car. You may choose to purchase using a credit card, or through a pay checker such as Paypal, to secure your payment. This is a good idea no matter what you are doing online, but particularly so when you are making a cheap purchase such as car paint.

Buy General Paint

You can also attempt to get more for your money by purchasing a general paint. You may decide to buy clear coat, for example, rather than splash out on the type of car paint your manufacturer recommends. This is a risky policy, but can be one way of managing your money while getting a good deal on your car paint. If you are buying a general car paint like this, ask for a test sample so you can examine it when it dries. Check that it is the right color for your car.

However you choose to buy car paint, there are a number of methods of saving money, which can mean you will be able to put a little bit more aside for other car necessities. Getting a good car paint deal can be best achieved online. Although, as always, buyer beware.