4 Car Wax Products the Pros Use

January 27, 2012

If you're looking for the right kind of car wax products, then you should consider getting some professional standard waxes that can give you the best looking finish that money can buy. Most professional car waxers use the same kind of waxes as ordinary car owners, but they combine them with tricks and techniques that help them to get the best shine that the wax can provide. However, there are some car wax products which are specifically used by the pros, and which are not so well known by the professional public.

1. Carnauba Wax

This is probably the most recommended wax of all the types used by professional valets, by classic car enthusiasts and by everyone else who likes to have a nice, shiny car. Carnauba oil makes one of the best car wax products around, but it comes in so many forms that you are likely to find one that you can afford nearby. In order to get the best from this car wax, you will need to apply it by hand, so that you get a smooth and well-buffed polish on your car. However, valets and other professionals also like to use a range of electronic tools to help wax the car. Carnauba is probably the highest quality of wax, but if you are looking for other waxes, you can use Turtle Wax's Professional range, or even some Black Magic wax, which is good for darker colored cars.

2. Electronic Buffers

Professionals often use mechanical buffers to give the car the best shine possible. There are a number of different types of buffer, from the simple rotary tool which moves round and round, like a sander, to the more modern Orbital buffer which moves in a more hand-like manner to give the car polish an additional buff. These buffers come in a range of prices, so you are likely to find one that you could afford.

3. Wax Remover

If you are waxing by hand, then one tool that professionals use is the liquid wax remover. This can be used in small areas where the wax has built up around window frames or along the sides of panels. These can be used on their own, or with a cotton swab, to get rid of excess wax. Wipe away quickly with a cloth to prevent streaking.

4. Pads and Cloths

Waxing by hand can be made easier by the use of professional pads and cloths. Many of these cloths are made from micro-fiber material, which helps the wax to cling to the pad, rather than remaining on the car. You can also apply the wax using the pad, and buff off with a cloth. Both of these kinds of cloths can be very useful when it comes to removing wax from a car. Rather than simply spreading the wax over your body panels with an old dust rag, try using a professional cloth to get a better shine.

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