5 Car Paint Schemes to Avoid

January 27, 2012

If you are thinking about a new paint job for your car, you might be considering different car paint schemes to use. While there are some classics out there, there are also some schemes that you will really want to avoid. Listed below are some of the don'ts in the car paint world so you know what not to do for your vehicle. 

Black and White

Black and white cars look fine at times, but if you do this the wrong way, you could end up looking like a police car. Racing stripes and certain accents are fin, but you really want to avoid anything that will make you look like a police officer. If it looks like you are blatantly impersonating the cops, you could actually get in trouble for your car paint. Avoid that by redesigning your scheme a little so you don't look like you're committing one of the car paint scams out there nowadays.


Some people get an off the wall idea that making their car look tye-dye will make it look coo. Quite the contrary is the case. Unless you are looking at a hippie van design, solid colors or stripes are going to be your best bet. Considering all the paint colors you would need for this anyways, the car paint cost for such a scheme will add up pretty quickly. If you're on a budget, you might not want to steer in this direction.

Feminine Colors

If you use pinks or purples on the exterior of your car, you have to understand that you are severely limiting the resale potential of your car. Potential buyers are going to want something neutral like beige, silver, or white. Very few people actually go out in pursuit of a pink automobile. If you don't plan on selling the car or have no rush to sell it, you can make it look however you want. Just be aware of the problems that may result.


A lot of people like to add "bling" to their car's exterior by using glitter paints. While these may be flashy, they are also a bit on the gaudy side. A lot of people consider the sparkles to be tacky, so you will have a hard time winning people over with a glittery vehicle. Consider using a shiny metallic paint instead because it will be more appealing to future buyers.

Brightly Colored Accents

One thing that a lot of people try to do is paint their mirrors or hood scoops a different color than the rest of the vehicle. This is fine if you do it tastefully, but using something like lime green or yellow in that situation will make your car look pretty ugly by most people's standards. Again, you can do whatever you want to with your car, but if you think that bright accents are going to get your positive attention, you're wrong.