5 Tips for Using a Foam Cannon

January 27, 2012

A foam cannon is used to clean cars easily. You can learn how to use a foam cannon properly on your cars with these few easy tips.

1. Select the Right Foam Cannon for Discount Car Detailing

Most foam cannon models are made to work on all models of cars. You will find that each foam washer can create up to 60 to 90 PSI to clean your car. Make sure that you choose the right pressure setting on your foam cannon to produce the right amount of foam. If done right, you will see a thick coat of foam on the car that sticks to vertical surfaces, too.

2. Use the Foam Cannon in the Right Way

Foam cannons are meant to be used with specific compressors that will direct the blast of the soap onto the car surface. Don't rub the foam created onto the paint of the car. You have to choose the right angled tips of the cannon head to make sure that the foam is directed correctly onto the car. Hold the angled tip two to three feet away from the car to make sure that the paint job is not damaged.

3. Choose the Right Soap Formulations

Every manufacturer who makes pressure nozzles and foam cannons will also make a specific brand soap to be used with the cannon. Inquire with the manufacturer when you buy the foam cannon. Strong soap can eat your paint job and cause numerous scratches on the surface of your car. The right soap can protect your paint job and the delicate rubber seals around your windows and doors.

4. Wash Method

There is a particular method for cleaning the car. You have to start at the top of the car and then continue to the bottom. Make sure that you clean the car well, starting from the top. Don't work the other way around or you will blast the grit and sand from the tires and the car bottom onto the paint job. You can also use the same foam cannon with a foam cleaner leather to clean out the interiors of the car. For mild grime, all you have to do is wait for the foam to work and then wash it off with the water pressure attachment to get it as clean as possible. Another alternative for thicker grime is that you can use a special foam mitt on the car. Apply the foam directly onto the mitt's path and then use it to gently scrub the car. This process can also reduce the risk of micro-marring considerably and it can also make sure that the car is clean, with the least damage to the paint job

5. Operational Specifics for a Good Paint Job

Each spray cannon that you use will have about 40 to 90 PSI pressure and it will create about 1-1/2 gallons of pressure per minute. You will be able to get fan spray attachments that work to create the best coverage. If you remove the fan attachment you will get a direct stream of thick foam. The foam gun that you get should also have an anti-siphon that will protect the water supply from being pulled back into the cleaning water. You should also be able to adjust the water pressure of the cannon according to your personal requirements.

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