6 Auto Detailing Secrets the Pros Use

March 8, 2012

If you want your new car to look like it's still fresh off the lot, consider the following auto detailing tips.

Car Detailing And Polishing

Auto detailing is important for your car's aesthetics, but also to make sure your car will be long lasting. Detailing your car helps prevent the exterior from deteriorating. You don't always need to go to the detailer to do a good job. Here are six secrets that detailing professionals use:

  • Touch up your paint. Touching up your car's paint job is extremely easy. All you need to do is find what type of paint your car uses (which can normally be found in the manual). Go to a paint shop and get a small amount of paint. Often, detail pros will use something as small as a toothpick to apply the paint. It's quick and easy and you can save your bodywork from developing rust spots
  • Use microfibers. Microfiber cloths are now the standard for car detailing. If you are ever in a detail shop, you will notice tons of rags of different colors, each for a different purpose. These are the same cloths used for cleaning eyeglasses, and the real advantage is that they don't scratch. If you use towels, clothing or any other material on a car, scratching is very easy when you use it to wipe
  • Use the two-bucket method. This is something that often gets overlooked. Use two buckets when washing your car. One bucket is for the soap, and the other is for clean water. If you clean your dirty rag in a clean bucket, the next time you dip into that water, it will be dirty. Dirty cloths can cause scratching, and of course, they don't help clean your car. It negates any progress you have made
  • Use a buffer. A buffer should be used to apply the wax or polish. However, a mistake often made in using the buffer to remove it as well. This is wrong. A towel should be used to remove any wax or polish, or else scratching can occur
  • Use a clay bar. A clay bar is essential for removing dirt and other things from your paint. After you wash the car, apply the clay bar to the paint. This will take off the bad stuff, without removing any paint. This will end up making your paint smoother, which also helps with waxing and polishing
  • Properly clean windows. Window streaking is a very common problem, and finding the streak is another problem. One way that detail shops combat this problem is by using two wipe directions. They do the inside horizontally and the outside vertically, or vice versa. This way, you know if you see a streak in a certain direction, it must be on a certain side, and you can easily get it out
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