The 7 Most Popular Name Brand Car Detailing Products

February 28, 2012

Compare the relative strengths of the top car detailing products on the market.

Car Detailing And Cleaning

Your automobile is the second largest investment you will make, so the quality of the car detailing products you buy to use on it can be very important. Detailing companies produce various types of products including cleaning materials, wax and polish. You may also choose to use wheel and interior cleaners. Picking the best products for your detailing should always be a priority.

Turbo Wax Shampoo
Turbo Wax car shampoo is a highly recommended detailing shampoo. It has been specifically designed to not reduce the quality of the paint work on the outside of the vehicle, and it has a pH 7 balance, offering protective properties while you wash your vehicle. This is one of the preferred car wash wax products on the market for washing the exterior of your vehicle.

Turtle Wax Carnauba Cleaner
The best rated polish products is Turtle Wax Carnauba Cleaner. It's a great polish for bringing out the natural shine of the paint on your car. Once you have used a good shampoo product to thoroughly clean the vehicle, you want to lay on the best type of protective polish to give it that showroom shine and gleam. Turtle Wax has been a tried and trusted brand name in polish for a very long time, and it continues to be one of the best polishes on the market.

Lane's Safe Wheel Cleaner
This is a great product for cleaning chrome wheels. Some cleaners have slightly abrasive chemicals which can eventually destroy or discolor the chrome, but Lanes's Safe Wheel is one of the best products for keeping your chrome wheels in tip-top shape. It is a professional strength cleaner but with non-acidic properties, so it will safely clean your wheels and restore their natural gleam.

Chemical Guys Jetseal 109
Around since 1959, the Chemical Guys have a huge range of Jetseal detailing products to suit all your auto detailing needs, from the wheels to the roof. For a great auto paint sealant, this is the one to choose. It bonds great with the exterior paint finish on your vehicle and offers a superb level of impenetrable protection. Its anti-corrosive ingredients help to keep the paint on your car in excellent condition.

Eagle One Tire Shine
This product makes even the most tired of tires look absolutely brand new. It needs a good coating and application to get the best results, but when applied correctly Eagle One Tire Shine is absolutely great for your tires. If you're showing your vehicle, this product is highly recommended.

Rejuvenate Anti-Fog Window Cleaner
When you want an extra clear finish on the insides of your car windows, Rejuvenate is outstanding. It cleans all grease marks and grime from the inside of the windows, leaving them clean and gleaming. It is also streak free, so you will have to wipe down residue from using it.

Lane's Interior Shine
Back to Lane's again for this one. Auto Interior Shine offers a brand new finish to the interior of your car. It will rejuvenate your dashboard and interior leather or material and give it a showroom finish. It leaves a new car scent inside and gives it a fresh, clean feel.