7 Pros and Cons of Metallic Car Paint

January 27, 2012

A custom metallic car paint job can create a cool effect for your muscle or sports car. A metallic paint job can cause your vehicle glimmer and sparkle when lighting conditions are just right, and looks awesome at night. Furthermore, experienced car painters take a lot of pride in a custom car paint job that uses metallic paint. However, before you rush out and get this type of paint job for your pride and joy car, there are a few pros and cons you might want to think about.

Pros of Metallic Paint Jobs

A Seriously Cool Effect - If you're looking to create a very unique and noticeable affect for your vehicle, then a few types of paint do this better than metallic. Metallic paint can seriously increase the cool factor of your muscle or sports car and will help to bring attention to your vehicle wherever you go.

May Increase Resale Value -Because metallic paint is considered a premium paint option by most car owners, it could increase the resale value of your vehicle. While a dealer will probably not offer you more for your vehicle with a metallic paint job, an individual buyer they really likes your car (because of the paint job) may be willing to pay a premium for your car.

Metallic Paint Hides Scratches and Dings - Because of the reflective properties of metallic paint, small scratches or dings in the vehicle are usually much harder to notice that with standard flat color paints. Metallic colors like silver hide these scratches the best; however, other shades of metallic paint will always make scratches harder to notice than with standard paint.

Can Be More Resistant to Fading  - Many professional car painters and owners of vehicles with metallic plate claim that the paint holds up much better and is more resistant to fading than standard flat color paints.

Cons of Metallic Paint Jobs

Harder to Repair Damage or Scratches - While metallic paint hides small dents, dings or scratches much better than flat color car paint, it can be much harder to repair damage if the vehicle has deep scratches that requires standing and an application of touch up paint. Metallic paint colors can be much more difficult to match and are not offered at all by some car manufacturers.

Fewer Colors to Choose From -If you're looking for an uncommon paint color for your car, metallic paint is probably not the way to go. Flat color paints come in many more varieties than do metallic paint colors.

More Expensive Than Standard Car Paint -Because the manufacturing process for creating metallic paints is much more complicated and costly than for creating standard flat color paints, you can always expect to pay more for the metallic variety.

Not all car paint manufacturers even produce metallic paint, and the ones that do are usually considered higher quality or premium producers of car paint. While you can buy  cheap flat color car paint by the gallon, and usually get it for less than $50, a quart of high quality metallic paint can run you $100 - $200 and sometimes even more for the highest grades of metallic paint.

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