8 Tips for Prolonging Used Car Reliability and Engine Life

January 27, 2012

The reliability used car factor can be improved significantly with a little routine care and maintenance. Most cars only last 100,000 miles which gives around ten years of use. This can be doubled with a little care.

Tip 1 - Check The Oil Every Two Weeks

Many people leave this easy to do maintenance tip for months at a time and some do not check it at all. Oil is like wine to your engine and regular topping up of oil will make all the difference to prolonging car life. Every three months, change the oil completely. Ensure you use the correct viscosity when you are topping up or replacing the oil. While you are about it check your water levels too, and if they need it top up with water and anti-freeze. These are all excellent ways of extending engine life.

Tip 2 - Check Tire Pressure

Regular checks on your tire pressures, preferably including the spare, will not only save you money on fuel bills, but give your car more protection against bumps and lumps that your car experiences on a daily basis. The less bumps and lumps means less damage to the cars suspension and internal parts becoming loose. This is an easy task and one that is good for prolonging car life. Every 6 months you may want to rotate the tires too, as the front and rear tires wear at different rates.

Tip 3 - Replace Oil Filter

The oil filter rapidly fills up with impurities and when they do they become less effective. This leads to impurities running through the car that can damage sensitive areas of it, such as the engine. It is good practice to replace the filter every three months to ensure this does not happen.

Tip 4 - Check Battery Fluid In Unsealed Batteries

By checking the battery fluid and topping up if necessary, you are prolonging the life of not only your battery, but improving the reliability of the car in general. Batteries need battery fluid, so check it monthly.

Tip 5 - Waxing And Lubrication

The car body is often prone to rust and scrapes. Waxing the body on a 6 monthly basis will prevent this natural deterioration from happening. Waxing is a very important element to prolonging car life. Also, lubricate hinges and locks to keep them running well and prevent deterioration.

Tip 6 - Check Brake Fluid

Every 6 months or so check your brake fluid levels and top if necessary. Brakes that seize-up are no fun.

Tip 7 - Check Brake Lining

The brake lining is the part of the break that slows the wheels. The wear and tear on this component is considerable and so a yearly check is in order to ensure there is enough lining to do the job. 

Tip 8 - Flush The Radiator

Through flushing the radiator and heater core, and subsequently replacing the coolant, will help to get rid of impurities in the coolant system that build up over time, and minimize the damage that these impurities cause to the system. This should be done on a yearly basis.