Auto Smell Remover and Diagnostics: Understanding the Problem

January 27, 2012

Having an auto smell can be annoying at best, but it can be even worse if you don't know where its coming from. Below is some information about diagnosing car odors and finding ways to treat them.

Don't Let Odors Happen

Probably the best thing to do is prevent the smells before they become necessary. Avoid having items in the car that are not pleasant smelling, and if you have to have them in your car, put them in your trunk. Then you can pop the trunk lid open to let it air out after you're done. 

What Causes the Smells

Most of the bad smells that we run into in our vehicles are organic. For example, food, cigarettes, mold, vomit, etc, all of which can become horrendous if they are not taken care of. However, in today’s market, these smells are really not all that difficult to take care with some of the great products they have for sale. Many of the products today use enzymes and denatured alcohol that help to not only kill smells but they remove stains as well. Whether you have a burning smell car or one that smells like garbage, there should be a solution for you.

How to Get Rid of Smells

Enzymes in cleaning products are what attack the odors by actually putting an end to the organic materials ability to decompose. You can buy special products that are specifically created to for such organic materials. Believe it or not, Febreze is one product that does not exaggerate. It does what it claims to do and leaves a wonderful fresh smell behind. 

The worst odor to remove would be that of cigarettes. This is because the odor from the smoke soaks into everything. If you use a kids and pets type of stain and odor shampoo to clean your carpets and upholstery, you should be able to remove the cigarette smell that lingers.

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