Average Cost of a Car Degreaser

January 27, 2012

A good, high quality car degreaser is an essential component for virtually any car owner to possess. This tool helps to maintain a clean and efficient car engine. Degrease machines effectively strip out the grease that builds up in certain parts of the engine of a car, allowing those engine components to run smoother and faster. Leaving grease in the engine of your vehicle can decrease a car's ability to accelerate rapidly and can lower the maximum speed at which the car can operate. Additionally, regularly degreasing your vehicle's engine is a good way of extending the lifetime of the engine considerably as well.

Spray Degreasers

Among the most common types of engine degreasers available on the market today are spray degreasing products. These liquid degreasers are designed to be sprayed throughout various portions and components of your car's engine. They act by softening and dislodging the grease that may have become stuck to the sides of any pipes or within any of the component parts of the motor of the car. The degreaser fluid and the grease it has collected can then be flushed out of the engine, and the process can be repeated if desired or necessary.

Most engine degreasers of the spray type are extremely cheap. Typical prices for a single-use can of engine degreasing spray run up to about $10, with some name brands ranging up to $20 or so. There are some limitations to the amount of grease that a product of this type can effectively remove from an engine, and that is part of the reason why the price is comparitively low.

Heavy Liquid Degreasers

The more sturdy and dependable type of engine degreaser that is available today is one that comes in a bottle reminiscent of a laundry detergent or a bleach canister. These engine degreasers are thicker and are much more potent than the spray degreasers. Additionally, they are usually available in greater quantity, meaning that a single package of this type of engine degreaser may be effective for two or more different operations or for multiple vehicles at once. Because these degreasers are more powerful, it is less likely you'll have to use as much of the product in order to effectively clean up the engine of your car.

Degreasers of this type usually cost anywhere from about $20 per package up to around $50, depending upon the quality and the brand name. Generally, it's best to spend a bit more on a high quality degreaser so you can thoroughly and completely clean out your engine.

As with other chemical treatments, degreasers are dangerous and may be toxic if consumed or if used in an unventilated area. Be sure to take all necessary safety precautions when using this product on your vehicle. If you have any other questions, consult with a professional auto body repair worker today for more information.

Related Questions and Answers

Can You Use Household Cleaning Products as a Car Engine Spray Degreaser?

Although, it's really cheaper to use household degreasers to clean your engine, stick to professional spray degreaser products that are designed for this purpose. Engine degreaser is designed to remove wax, oil and grease from the engine, and it works much better than a household cleaner. But don't use household cleaners to wipe down engines and car exteriors. Engine degreasers are designed to protect your car engine while still removing extra grease and gunk from it. Stick to the professional products for best results.

Can Gunk Engine Degreaser Type Cause Your Clutch to Slip?

It is possible with Gunk Engine Degreaser, but it's very rare. There is a slight possibility that degreaser got down a breather hole but its not very likely. Usually the clutch is covered with a cover that prevents anything from getting to it and causing it to slip. If you've managed to somehow get water in there, then it is going to be really difficult to repair and you might have to replace the entire system. The clutch usually runs by rubbing two plates against each other to get the necessary motion on your car. Usually a rubbing motion will create heat that will rub the entire gunk off the plate and there should be no slipping. You might have to replace the entire clutch, as there are other reasons for the clutch slipping.

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