Black Car Wax: Tips for Waxing Black Cars

January 27, 2012

Black cars are a very common sight all over the States, and there are many makers and sellers of black car wax who tap into this large market. However, using car wax on a black car is not as easy as it looks, and you could find yourself in real trouble if you try and use a black car wax without knowing fully how to manage it. As with all car waxes, you can get into a lot of difficulty simply by not maintaining and preparing the car properly, but you can also have specific problems with black car wax which can make your efforts even more frustrating than usual.

Enhance the Color

Perhaps the single biggest problem with black car paint wax is enhancing that black color without making it look naff. You don't want to give your car such a waxing that it looks like a police car, or a funeral car, so you need to be careful with how much of a shine you put into that wax. It might even be better to use a little sandpaper over the surface of your wax before you start driving, as this can take the edge of a really shiny-shine. If you don't want to sand your car after you have gone to the effort of waxing it, then you should try limiting the amount of effort you put into the waxing, and reduce the number of coats you apply. Be careful to fully remove the wax before you apply a fresh coat.

Keep the Car Clean

Another big problem with black car wax is that it shows up every single imperfection of your car. If there are any dents or chips, not even from accidents but simply the natural makers marks of the manufacturing process, then you can guarantee that your wax will find them and highlight them. Even waxing problems that you didn't know you had, such as small areas of paint that were 'missed' during the second coat will show up, so you need to be careful of that.

In addition, when you are waxing the car, black car wax will take into account every single piece of dirt and dust that has fallen on it since the paint was freshly applied, and these will be shown in all their glory to the neighbors. No other wax color will show up the effects of poor car washing, bad painting, or even just living under a tree, than black.

Apply in Steady Coats

One way to solve the problem of black wax is to apply it in even coats. A liquid wax is marginally better than solid, but it will still form patterns if you spray too much on at once and then allow it to flow downwards. You may be able to see these signs in old wax which you have previously applied, but you should take care not to repeat it with your new wax.

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Are there any Black Car Wax that Doubles as a Cleaner?

Black cars look spiffy, but finding the right car wax cleaner for them is a headache. This is where a good product can literally cut down your car cleaning time completely. Try Turtle Wax that has a combination cleaning and waxing system called the Black Box. The product is used for black cars only and has a whole set of pre-wax cleaners, black tinted wax sprays, applicators, and applicator pads, and is priced at $20-$30. Another good product that you can use is the Black Magic Wet Shine Liquid Wax that works just as well. These are just a few of the best in the market.